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How to get out of the 'Rat Race'?

How to get out of the 'Rat Race'?

Do you work your butt off day in and out in a job that makes no sense to you… the real you? When you come home each evening, do you have a feeling of self-defeat and pity because deep down you are subconsciously using ‘work’ as your excuse to fulfil ‘that thing’ you truly want to accomplish?

Are you exhausted with a robotic repetitive lifestyle and have no time for relaxation or fun?

Happy Plants- Strange Environments

Happy Plants- Strange Environments

Now I’m not talking about those plants often called weeds that speedily grow through your drain gutters or within murky conditions where the infamous beautiful lotus floats.
I’m specifically talking about environments where my head cannot even progress it is happening despite the reality being right in front of me.
What is Art Therapy?

What is Art Therapy?

Perhaps you have seen those colour-in books in stores that are branded as 'Art Therapy' and figured well that's what that is. Well that's what most people would think right? Well Art Therapy is far from the concept of just 'colouring in'..   Madeleine Chelini; A specialised Art Therapist based in Melbourne explains what Art Therapy actually is and the various amazing benefits this practice offers.


Fun, fabulous and diverse. A great cause and very interesting.

Steven Adams, Founder of Moo Moo Restaurant and Bar

Finally a mug I can trust that won't leak and looks good.

Wayne Sharpe- CEO of Carbon Trade Exchange

The softest and healthiest cotton, from seed to farmer to skin.

Julia Fusco