10 Last minute gift ideas for the person who forgot that Valentine’s Day is actually… tomorrow.


 1.  There is nothing more sentimental than reminiscing a special memory from your relationship. Visit either Harvey Norman, Big W or K Mart and print out a great photo of you and put it in a nice frame.

2. Office Works, Snap or Kmart offer photo collage or single images printed onto a mug. This is a quirky idea for a partner who is regular coffee or tea drinker. You could also fill the mug up with their favourite tea or have a bag of coffee beans inside. T2 has some beautiful flavoured teas such a Lemon Myrtle. Thinking coffee? Try checking out Merlo’s bean of the day.

3. Have a sweet tooth on yours hands? Mrs Fields Happy Valentines Day cookies are delicious and big. Plus there is no better way than reaching the heart than through the stomach. Don’t have a franchise nearby? www.Fromyouflowers.com has got you covered as they offer next day delivery with some of their products. Yes, the cookies are next day.

4. Rather than buying a beautiful bunch of flowers from your local florist, get those and find online the meaning behind the flowers that have been chosen and incorporate this into your card. Any woman will appreciate a gift that has had careful consideration.

5. Why not purchase An Ultimate Lover's Package in Gold Class to see a movie that night. No seats left? Not to worry, you can always buy a digital ecard for a future romantic day or evening because Love is every day.

6. Get out those MasterChef skills, go to the local market or supermarket near home, and prepare a beautiful home cooked meal. To really go all out in the romance... candles.. candles.. candles.. Make sure you purchase all-natural candles though and do NOT burn down your house.

7. Not the romantic types? I have a local fish and chip shop down the road from me that offers better seafood than any fancy pancy place. Do you? You could always make it special with a beautiful bottle of wine.

8. Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. How you ask? Liquorland and BWS stock a variety types.. right from the basic Mumm to your more luxury Moet and Tattinger. Or if you are Godly.. Don Perignon. San Churro and Max Brennar sell the fondant sets. Don’t forget the chocolate and strawberries.

    9. Tees are a great practical gift because let’s face it, who doesn’t wear t-shirts? Order well before midday on Valentine’s day in Australia and have same day delivery with any Ethical Active products. Gold Coast based orders will be taken right up until 4pm for same day. Who will be the lucky ducky with a super soft 100% organic tee?

      10. Love to read and learn? A magazine subscription is perfect. Into health, food, fitness, motorbikes? There is something for everyone and they are all are available with a click of a button.


        I hope these ideas are helpful and you have a wonderful Valentines!

        Lots of love,

        Martina x

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