Happy Plants- Strange Environments


Now I’m not talking about those plants often called weeds that speedily grow through your drain gutters or within murky conditions where the infamous beautiful lotus floats. I’m specifically talking about environments where my head cannot even progress it is happening despite the reality being right in front of me.


I am currently in Byron Bay and took a stroll one morning to simply enjoy the natural beauty of this carefree community. For those who don’t know, Byron Bay is one of the most beautiful locations in the world and is one of those places that keeps bringing you back.


Australians, tourists, backpackers and celebrities alike, including the Hemsworth brothers, Miley Cyrus, Elle McPherson, Paul Hogan and Olivia Newton John rave about the uniqueness of Byron.  If they don't live here already, these 'A' Listers have been known to regularly visit and get in touch with their humble hippie. 

Despite being super transient, Byron Bay is a coastal town positioned in the south eastern state of New South Wales and is also recognised for its devotion to eco impact, inner hippy energy, beaches, environment, animals and vibrant colours.


On my stroll, just passing the main beach that is located right in front of the most famous and iconic pub- The Beach Hotel there is a carpark and, in this carpark, there was one vehicle that specifically caught my attention.

Just when you thought nature has super powers to be able to grow on high floor apartments with sea breezes and yes, they do process this sorcery.


There it was, the most real-world genius idea I have seen in a while. Growing plants in a pot on the dashboard of your very own car. Obviously for safety reasons, these plants were not placed in front of the steering wheel and were only on the passenger side.  These plants were healthy and tickled with sunshine in their prime hot spot. Not to mention, with a drink every now and then, would be an ideal travel buddy too.


So the next time you think you or someone you know is going to make an excuse of why you/they cannot grow a plant..


Got a car? Think again my friend…  you are sorted for a happy high, the plants too ;)

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