How to get out of the 'Rat Race'?

Do you work your butt off day in and out in a job that makes no sense to you… the real you?  When you come home each evening, do you have a feeling of self-defeat and pity because deep down you are subconsciously using ‘work’ as your excuse to fulfil ‘that thing’ you truly want to accomplish?  

Are you exhausted with a robotic repetitive lifestyle and have no time for relaxation or fun?

If you have screamed yes at the computer or on your mobile screen and are thinking right now, am I on the Truman show? - to simply put it in layman terms- You are currently on a pointless pursuit... like many millions of people around the world.

It is too often we see in films, television series, books and motivational talks indicating that we are meant to have this one purpose in life and are supposed to do absolutely ‘anything’ to achieve this.  

Some people go to extraordinary lengths to achieve their goals. Taking all sorts of risks and on the occasion, cut throating others and making poor ethical decisions that impact their dignity and self-respect along the way. Yet others who stay in the ‘rat race’ gain more and more fear to leave their routine for the unknown, remain unhappy and see their underlying quests only as a dream.

Both paths still contain opportunity for honest positivity and bliss if the pursuit you’re currently undertaking is yours and has ethical purpose.

One pathway is ‘Love’ which has that predicable story from dating to marriage to babies by a set age.  

Another pathway is a ‘Career’- which usually are instructed and delivered by the education system. This process includes: leaving school, going to university and doing that job, day in and out. Both stories which have already been done by someone else before you. Sometimes successful.  Not to say that these pathways could be your genuine stories because they certainly can be. This sudden realisation of ‘pointless pursuit’ is usually why most people later in life choose a different pathway.  A few years spent without any satisfaction or gratitude is telling you that your previous choices were never yours to begin with.

What if in fact, not just on those spare moments after work were your gaps of ‘peace and contribution to this earth’ but what if everything you do brought joy? From eating breakfast, to the clothes you wear, to the coffee you drink, to the endless hours you spend in the office. What if all of it contained purpose?

It is that very understanding, what it literally means to be Ethical Active.

When you eat breakfast, does it come from a local small business where the produce is organic and from local farmers? The clothes you wear?  Do they impact the environment in a positive way? Do I smell fair trade coffee in that reusable cup? and all that time you spend throughout your days, does it contribute towards the greater good?

What is meant to be a common expression, ‘the greater good’ seems far too uncommon these days. How to get out of the rat race? Means choosing a pathway to do things every day that will benefit many people, a community, the environment – our one beautiful planet.



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