Beach Bag- Lifes a Beach

Beach Bag- Lifes a Beach

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Weight: 0.13kg
Length: 28.50cm
Width: 42.00cm
Height: 1.00cm


So, you are the kind that loves the sound of waves and the tickle of sand on your toes - and would try and spend as much time at the beach as possible - well, here is a companion who can be by your side when beach is where your heart is - this gorgeously designed tote says what your heart desires and makes it presence felt as superb accessory for the beach.

Not only is canvas a renewable resource, but the bags are biodegradable and sturdy enough to stand up to years of use. Reusing canvas bags could reduce the number of plastic bags that are used and discarded every year.

Your day at the beach could mean carrying many things that make your outing truly comfortable and it also means finding just the right kind of bag that will fit in all those things with ease. Here is a superbly designed bag made of canvas that goes easy on the shoulder and can be washed and cleaned when grimy.

The orange color provides a vibrant feel that reminds one of the sky at sunset and pink adds the joyful verve to whatever activity that you intend to indulge in.

Use this tote for shopping, gym, or simply to add more colour to the way you look and see how the colours and the message on the bag enhances your mood. The canvas bag comes with a promise for being colour fast and strong against rough usage and carrying heavy weight.

The length is 42 cm and the height of the bag is 28 cm making this a rectangular easy to swing from shoulder bag whose printing of the words - Life Is A beach shall be visible even from a distance. Go enjoy the beach without the care of how many shells and pebbles you can carry back with you.