Plant Bicycle Red Seat

Plant Bicycle Red Seat

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Weight: 3.32kg
Length: 47.00cm
Width: 17.00cm
Height: 61.00cm

If you don't miss the tiny red seat on the bike, surely you would not miss on the gorgeous iron grill detailing on the wheels and the two differently sized buckets that make up the planter's main structure. This plant bicycle is great for adding to the beauty of the space, as it is for making your plants wear their best look.

When it comes to displaying your finest greens, what could be better than finding the best in wrought iron planters that makes them look graceful and elegant.

They make the display less cumbersome and neat. Here is the iron grill work stand that showcases the best in metal smithy and crafting with an imaginative design that has a cycle with two baskets meant for the plants.

The stand is about 41 cm in height with a larger basket in front and a smaller one at the back. The details such as the handle and the tiny red seat are simply marvelous. You could place a large and small potted plants - Great also for large floral arrangements or dry flowers arrangements.

Special occasion layouts would be glad to have the advantage of such displays as they bring out the best creative ideas in displaying potted plants and flowers.