Wall Deco- Wire Rhino

Wall Deco- Wire Rhino

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Weight: 2.82kg
Length: 54.00cm
Width: 52.50cm
Height: 56.50cm


The rhino is an ambassador for his species and has become something of an anti-poaching figure. Two species of rhino in Asia—Javan and Sumatran—are critically endangered. ... But the western black rhino and northern white rhinos have recently gone extinct in the wild.

Lend your spaces the freedom, awareness and celebration of the Rhino with scintillating new modern ideas in decor that have become more and more experimental - just like this wire made Rhino whose horn is so strongly portrayed in the figure. Created by expert hands who have with great dexterity tamed the strength of metal, by twisting and garnering the most from the rawness of the material.

The robust form at the same time has something indescribably delicate about it - An abstract design that plays with the form and material in the most basic way but meets its target.

Place this on the wall and be sure to get ample compliments for its utterly unique looks and strong impact. Would in fact look fabulously modern and contemporary in its feel.

Robust, wild and yet artistic in a subtle imagery. It rises 15 cm in length whole the head is about 50 cm long and 40 odd cm in width.

A wonderful means to make a wall come alive with something so interestingly unique whilst raising awareness of the dangers of rhino-horn trafficking and urgent need for preservation.