Wall Planter Bicycle

Wall Planter Bicycle

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Weight: 1.92kg
Length: 64.00cm
Width: 19.00cm
Height: 35.00cm


Quite an optical illusion - the cycle feels like it simply is coming right out of the wall where you are going to be placing it, with the gorgeous plants in its basket helping complete the authenticated look. A superb means to develop interest on a wall in spaces that need some excitement. Uniquely designed for impact.

There are certain articles in our decor that help perk up the emotions - not the typical but the extraordinarily innovative in design.

This wall planter is crafted with minute details that makes its impact all the more worthy of a second look. Crafted by metal, the rustic appeal apart, the bicycle creates just the right frame work for hosting a picturesque look, and the innovative idea of having half the frame with a wall placement creates the apparition in such a way that you can almost feel half of it lying on the other side of the wall. The wire mesh baskets is large enough for two small plants.

Could be placed at a height which is more suited to the height of a normal bicycle making the appearance all the more believable. A wonderful means to help do up the balcony wall or the garden facing wall where your greens. The vintage appeal also arises from the tiny rusty little metal wheel and the simple bike handle.

The height of the planter is 46 cm with a length of 30 cm and a depth of 15 cm, most suited to small to medium sized pots.